Vine Street Melody.┬áBaby what’cha wanna be?
Do you really want to be a star?
Your high heels. miniskirt. Robbin’ you for all you’re worth.
Do you really want to bare it all? All.. All.. All.

It’s just another day on Vine.
Mixed up with a lil’ bit of wine.
Keeps me on another day trip.
Everything is fine.
Waitin’ for the bus get’s kind of hard to discuss.
What’s been going on with us.
It’s just another day on Vine.

Waiting for the bus gets’

Vine Street Melody. Hollywood’s been good to me.
It’s such an easy way to live a lie.
Me, myself and I. We’ve got some things we want to try.
Hopefully you’ll be there when we fly.

Vine Street Melody is a sweet song written by Eric Ethan while living on Vine Street in Hollywood California.