This need to drive.. This deep desire.
I feel myself pushing forward all the time.
City lights, fill streets with fire.
Like a moth to a flame I am drawn inside.

But I don’t know when to go and when to stay.
I’ll be there when the bottom drops away.
When walls all around, they surround our fate.
I’ll be there when the bottom drops away.
No the Devil couldn’t drag me down.

Here I am.. Here we Stand.

Promise me Love you wont let go of my hand.

When the world is on fire. Our heart is a’glow.

Summon you higher then we ever would know

Oh my, my, my.. Your color is grey.
The color you’ve painted the walls of your soul.
Oh my, my, my.. Your color is grey.
And you’ve painted your walls a darker shade every day.

You walk with a rain cloud hanging over your head.
Tainting all of your confidence. Cut loose and be led.
By your heart and your soul and let the rest of it go.
Like that little ol’ rain cloud let’s that slow water flow.


Thank you for listening and supporting my music. Together we create our own reality.

Make my heart sing. Make my eyes cry.
The love that you bring. Keeps me on high.
Out in the sun. Far from all harm. Near Nirvana..
Closer then we ever thought we’d come.

Shake dreams from the zephyr.
We collected when we began to fly.
Those these winds won’t last forever.
Spread our wings and we may take up to the sky.

Where I find you in the cloud of white.
Intertwined in deep blue dreams of light.
Golden streams flown through your hair.
We share these whispering winds that carry us along.
As we sail into the sun.