Lyrics To “Ghost”

What would you do if I ghost you right into the night? Cast you aside and act like you were never in my life You are a ghost, I'll miss you the most I finally recovered from the damage you caused I managed to salvage part of me that I lost Haunted by you.

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An Intro To Songwriter Wine

I created Songwriter Wine in 2016 to combine my dedication for music, wine and community. Our first tour was in the Summer of 2016. I booked shows across the State of California and had the opportunity to perform alongside some incredible singer-songwriters like Julia Lucius, an incredible singer-songwriter who I met in Temecula and she [...]

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Close To Me

I want you here I want you near I want you close to me I want to feel your body I want to feel your soul I want to crawl into you I want to feel you pull I want to celebrate you, I thought I'd let you know that I... That I can not [...]

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Young Summer

I feel the rhythm tonight I have the melody here The sound of the drum beating right in my ear As the sun sets down over Westside Oooh i've got you in my site Do you want to do right tonight Baby lets ride tonight Maybe get high tonight Off your love, floating above the [...]

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Now That You’ve Found Something To Belong To

I'm Okay.. I'm Okay.. Are you alright my Sweet Baby Girl.. Now that you have found something to belong to?? You  were lost I wont forget it. Miles and miles within it, felt like it was infinete. I let you in. I let you in.. and now you're gone. I'm Okay.. I'm Okay.. Are you [...]

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