Thank you for visiting my website. This site is a good place to listen to the music of Eric Ethan and gain the latest and greatest news of what I am doing with my music. I reside in Los Angeles. I am a songwriter and I perform and sing my songs for listeners. It’s a very simple strategy. This website offers insight into things such as upcoming musical performances and where you may find some of latest releases. This is a really good idea. No one has ever thought of creating a website for music. This will be the greatest site to ever host music.

– Eric Ethan 05/11/15


For Now, here are some of my music videos for you. This first video isn’t a music video, it’s not even really a lyric video. It’s a video where if you push play, the song plays. It’s very convenient. The song is called “Good Morning Girl” and I hope you enjoy it.

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